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Semi Automatic Chemical Aluminum Tube Filling Machine

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This machine can be widely used in Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry, applicable for production of paste, adhesives, AB glue, epoxy glue, skin cream, hair dye, shoe polish, toothpaste, RTV silicone etc.

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Packaging Exambers:应用图2.jpg

1.Using imported sensors and other electrical components control,  not easy to abrasion;

2.The rotary table equipped with fixture is driven to move intermittently by the Geneva indexing mechanism to complete a series of functions, such as automatic pipe laying, automatic filling, internal and external heating, tail sealing, code pressing, edge cutting, finished product exit, etc;

3.Accurate filling measurement, stable and adjustable heating time, beautiful, neat, firm and sanitary appearance of sealing tail;

4.The whole machine runs stably and reliably without noise and other pollution;

Sealing speed
10—30 pcs/min
Sealing range5-300 ml
Tube height
20—250 mm
Tube diameter
10—50 mm
Size1000*600*1700 mm
2.5 KW
400 KG

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