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Automatic Sandwich Biscuit Doubel Layer Cookies Biscuits Horizontal Flow Packing Line

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The automatic feeding packaging line can sort, arrange, automatically distribute, and load the packaging materials. Applicable to high-speed packaging of a variety of materials, such as biscuit, cookies, bread, cake, bun, dry food, candy, snack, chocolate, jerky, etc.

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Packing Exambers:Automatic Sandwich Biscuit Doubel Layer Cookies Biscuits Horizontal Flow Packing Line

1. High sensitivity and preciseness SICK photocell tracking system, to control product position exactly.

2. Adopt full stainless steel structure. Humanized design, and easy install, disassemble, and maintenance.

3. This equipment adopts multi-frequency conversion speed regulation, servo drive control, simple operation, stable operation, high control accuracy and low energy consumption.

4.Color touch screen which intuitive, easy to adjust, fault self-diagnosis display, with data storage CFLEXEM function,easy to adjust packaging size.

Product nameAutomatic Feeding Packaging Line
Product sizeAccording to the actual situation
Master conveyor belt width600/800/1000/1200 mm
Packing capacitystandard 50-180 packs/min ,
High Speed 200 packs/min
Power supply220V50Hz or 380V50Hz
Application Fieldsbiscuit, bread, chocolate, cake, cookies, pastry, egg roll,Waffle,wafer

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