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High Speed Cling Film/ Cellophane Cartoning Machine.

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It is used to replace the cling film manual boxing. The boxing speed is 1-80 boxes/minute and is adjustable. The size of the box of the machine is customized according to the actual size of the cling film carton and can be adjusted within a certain range. In addition to plastic wrap, the machine is also suitable for cartoning of other similar products, such as aluminum foil rolls.

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Packing Exambers:High Speed Cling Film/ Cellophane Cartoning Machine.

1.High speed packing of single boxes.

2.CAM driven ensures machine stable running, pneumatic drive auxiliary.

3.Wheel control film feed, precision and easy.

4.Stain Steel 304 machine body and organic glass cover.

5.GMP standard alumina working plate, flatting and smoothing.

6.Flexible size ranges and quick change over mould.

7.Tear tape, ink printer, sensor is optional.

High Speed Cling Film/ Cellophane Cartoning Machine.
Machine model
Production capacity
Packing size
L(35-200) * W(40-150) * H(10-50) mm
Machine Dimension(L*W*H):
1350 x 850 x 1600 mm

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