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4 Heads Gear Pump Chemical Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

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Suitable for all kinds of liquid, such as chemical liquid, gel, liquid detergent, alcohol, liquor, juice, wine, oil, etc. Gear-type linear filling machine with high precision filling, no dripping.

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Packaging Samples:4 Heads Gear Pump Chemical Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

1. Filling liquids with relatively good fluidity, 50ml-5L, can be easily filled in large volumes.

2. Servo-controlled filling volume and accurate filling.

3. The overall structure is stainless steel 304 food grade and easy to clean.

4. The screen operation is simple and user-friendly.

5. Machine body is made by 304 stainless steel, easy to clean, machine is full compliance with GMP requirements.

Machine Model
220V 50hz
Filling Head
4 Heads
Filling Range
Filling Speed
15-25 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy
Air Pressure
Machine Material
Stainless Steel
Machine Size
Machine Weight
650 kg

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