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Automatic Surgical Mask/ KN94 Mask Four-Sides Sealing Bag Packing Machine

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This machine is suitable for four-sides sealing bag packing, such as various surgical mask, kn94 mask, medical masks, disposable masks,  and other articles in paper and plastic bags.

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Packing Exambers:    Automatic Surgical Mask/ KN94 Mask Four-Sides Sealing Bag Packing Machine

1.The four-side sealing mask packaging machine color touch screen operation interface is simple to operate. It adopts a scientific 4-axis servo drive system and a PLC programmable controller intelligently controls the operation of the whole machine. It has the advantages of precise film feeding, stable material transfer, and precise bag cutting.
2. Innovative design: independent guide pillar mold base, mobile synchronous heat sealing system, the temperature of the sealing surface is more uniform and stable, the sealing edge is tight, and it is durable. Packaging materials of different thicknesses and materials are more adaptable.

Specification modelLD-FD4D
Processing capacity40-60 bags/min
Applicable raw materialsSingle mask
Bag sizeLength 220 mm×Width 140mm
Roll film sizeΦ≤350 mm, width 200-600 mm, inner diameter of paper core 76.2mm
Roll film materialPaper aluminum plastic, pure aluminum, aluminized, coated paper, composite transparent film, etc.
Total power220v 50Hz motor 2.2KW heating 3.3KW
Air consumption≥30m3/h (self-provided), pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

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