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High Speed Face Mask Medicine Patch Four-Side Sealing Packaging Machine

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This machine can be applied to sheet products that require sealing on four sides, such as the following products:

1. Masкs products: surgical mask, kn94 mask, medical masks, disposable masks;

2. Daily necessities: cards, wet wipes, alcohol wipes, mobile phone stickers, mobile phone cases, hardware, small plastic parts, craft gifts, sheets, toys, stickers, non-woven fabrics, cotton pads;

3. Medical supplies: plaster paste, analgesic paste, analgesic paste, gauze, medical paste, antipyretic paste, belly button paste, moxibustion paste, early pregnancy test paper, cooling paste, Gutong paste, alcohol cotton pad, motion sickness paste, artificial Breathe;

4. Health care: slimming patch, foot patch, eye patch, foot warming patch, heating patch, warm patch, palace warm patch, baby warmer, happy patch, fast heat patch, warm pack, foot warmer, warm bag, activated carbon self Fever-shaped bags;

Kindly Reminder:
We have an experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packing Exambers:    mask pack packing machine

1. Fully automatic docking front-end production line, suitable for any type of mask production machine, labor saving, efficient production.

2. Mold forming, bag more beautiful high-grade, cold cut process bag without rolling edge.

3. The speed can reach 100-120 sheets/min, higher than most mask-packing machines in the industry.

Processing capacity30-100 bags/min
Applicable raw materialssingle mask
Bag size500 mm*150 mm (L*W)
Roll film sizeΦ≤320 mm, width 200-600 mm, inner diameter of paper core 76.2mm
Roll film materialpaper aluminum plastic, pure aluminum, aluminized, coated paper, composite transparent film, etc.
Total power220v, 50Hz
Air consumption≥30 m³/h (self-provided)

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