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Automatic Can Bottle Unscrambleing Sealing Capping And Lebaling Line

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This automatic filling production line is used for canned food, sealing, capping and labeling the cans and bootle, Can effectively reduce air contact and extend the shelf life, such as goji berries, nuts, snack, raisins, popcorn, pistachios and other foods.

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Packing Exambers:    Automatic Can Bottle Unscrambleing Sealing Capping And Lebaling Line

1. The unique design of the can seaming machine roller of this production line can be used for both main and backup purposes;

2. This production line adopts a lifting type automatic cover, with fast cover speed, stable operation, low noise and wide application range;

3. Adopting four-wheel clamping, the structure is simple and reasonable, the performance is stable and reliable, and the work efficiency is high.

4. It is suitable for screw caps, anti-theft and child-proof caps, and has advantages over duckbill caps, pump head caps and sprinkler caps;

5. The spacing and height of the capping mechanism can be adjusted quickly.

6. This line uses a clip-on positioning round bottle labeling machine. The biggest feature of this machine is the use of rollers to rub the label, high precision and high speed;

7.The machine structure is simple, compact, and easy to operate and maintain;

8. The whole line adopts imported PLC and 7-inch touch screen man-machine interface, production parameterized control, simple operation;

9. The production line has stable operation, low noise, convenient maintenance, and fully meets GMP certification requirements;

10. Paired with an 8-station can sealing machine to increase production capacity and save manpower;

11. Automatic capping+automatic capping machine, easy to operate and labor-saving;

12. Customized rolling labeling machine that can handle single or three sided labeling of square bottles.

Bottle DiameterΦ30mm-Φ135mm (customizable)
Bottle Height40mm-200mm (customizable)
Production Speed20-30 Bottles/min
Control systemPLC
Total Production Line Power5KW
Power supply220V、50Hz
Equipment Material304

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