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Automatic Alcohol/ Liquor Sachet Filling Equipment

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Automatic alcohol/ liquor sachet filling equipment is suitable for packing various kinds of liquid objects, such as alcohol, oil, water, juice, milk, honey, soysauce, ketchup, tomato sauce, etc.

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Packing Exambers:    Automatic Disinfectant/ Hand Sanitizer/ Alcohol Liquid Filling Machine

Products dosing, Filling, Laminate heat sealable pouch making and sealing;

Stainless steel 304 structure and surface;

Weighing and Packaging PLC & HMI Control Integrated, More stable operation, Easy for parameter setting;

Simple changing of pouch former, to adapt different pouch size requirement;

Intelligent temperature controlling configuration, ensure the artistic and neat sealing;

Configure with packaging film pre-pulling device, to enable stable pouch making;

No film no filling, and easy to change the packaging film.


Film Width: Max.520mm

Bag Length:80-350mm Bag Width:60-250mm

Range of Measurement: 150-2000ml

Film Roll Diameter: Max.320mm

Packaging Rate: 10-60bag/min

Power: 220V 50/60Hz 3KW

Machine Size(L*W*H): 1488*1080*1490mm

Machine Quality: About 680kg

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