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Horizontal Premade Bag Zip Pouch Powder Packaging Machinery

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Horizontal premade bag zip pouch powder packing machine is specialized for powder filling such as nutrients powder, seasoning powder, flour, medicinal powder etc.

Function: Flat Pouch, Doy pack, Zipper Pouch.

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Packing Exambers:    Horizontal Premade Bag Zip Pouch Powder Packaging Machinery

1.The machine adopts the appearance of stainless 304L, and the carbon steel frame part and some parts are processed by acid-proof and salt-resistant anti corrosion treatment layer.

2.Material selection requirements:Most of the parts are molded by moulding, The main materials are 304 stainless steel and alumina.

Modle: LD-180Z

Pouch Size: 60*80mm (Min); 180*310mm (Max)

Filling Capacity: 1200ml

Packaging Capacity: 30-60ppm

Powder: 1.8Kw

Air Consumption: 200NL/min

Machine Dimensions: L:1990mm, W:970mm, H:1390mm

Weight: 700 Kg

Function: Flat pouch, Doy pack, zipper pouch

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