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Automatic Horizontal Liquid Juice Packaging Machine

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Foods: salad, mayonnaise, tomato paste, tomato ketchup, edible oil, soy sauce, duck sauce, anchovy essence, cocktail sauce, salsa, barbecue sauce, ranch dressing, hot sauce, etc
Personal care: shampoo, bath gel, skin lotion, cosmetic cream, hair conditioner, etc
Others: car wash detergent, etc

Kindly Reminder:

We have experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packaging samples:Automatic horizontal liquid juice packaging machine

1.Easy and simple to put bags in the bag slot, equipped with automatic bag pressing device;

2.No filling, no sealing;

3.The machine is of SS304 appearance. Carbon steel frame and some parts are acid- resistant, salt-resistant anti-corrosion layer processed.

4.Most parts are fabricated by mold production; the main material is 304 stainless and alumina.

Machine name
Small Automatic Doypack Bag Stand up Pouch Packaging Machine
Bag Size
Width: 80-220mm, Length: 120-330mm
20-50 bags per minute
Filling volume range
200ml-2000ml (depending on material)
Power Supply
380V/220V 50Hz 2.5KW
Machine weight
about 700kgs
Air consumption
Doy bag, stand up zipper pouch, 4 side seal bag,

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