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Automatic Liquid Juice Filling Machine Bottle Drink

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1.This machine is mainly used for filling non-carbonated beverage,including fruit juice, mineral water, pure water, can also be used for hot filling, and it can be used for filling different type of bottles, such as PET bottles ,plastic bottles and glass bottles.

2.The machine is washing, filling, sealing, 3 in 1 monoblock.

3.This machine can handle freely, it is convenient to adjust machine turned to full of the various types of bottles.

4.Advanced PLC to control the machine adopts automatic operation, touch screen for human-computer interface. Sensors used in the bottle-entering chain adjustment of speed and coordinate with a frequency converter to the main machine forward bottles of operation is stable and reliable.

5.Filling and capping will automatically stop, when there is no bottle


Glass bottle juice/Liquor/Red Wine washing and filling machine production line processing machine

Packaging Material: 

Glass, Metal, Paper, Plastic, Wood, Other

Packaging sample:应用图.jpg

Model Name
Filling Nozzle
Production Capacity
80-100 / min
Applicable Filling Material
Cream, Ointment, Water, Juice, Water-Like Liquid, Oil, Paste, etc.
***Note: Different Material May requires different filling Pump, please tell before you order the machine
Filling Accuracy
200ml: +/-1%, 200-5000ml: +/-0.5%
Filling Range
Power Supply (without heating)
Power Supply
380v 50hz Three phase
Air Pressure
Applicable Bottle Shape
Round, Flat, Oval, Irregular, Square, Jar, Can, etc.
Bottle Material
HDPE, Aluminum, Plastic, Glass, etc.
Dimension (mm)

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