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Automatic Pouch Ketchup Soy Sauce Liquid Filling Machine

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vertical automatic ketchup filling machine applies to packing for fluid, paste,facial cream form material in seasoning-package, oil-package, jam-package, honey-package, sauce package and others.

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Packaging sampels:新应用图.jpg

1. Famous brand PLC control system, large touch screen, convenient to operate;

2. Film drawing down system by servo motor can minimize the loss with complete automatic warn protection function; horizontal sealing controlled by servo motor can be optional to choose.

3. High automatic, it can complete the whole packaging process, measuring, filling , sealing, date printing , counting,transporting.

4. The contact parts with food is made of 304 high quality stainless steel ensure food safety. For packing salt or vinegar, the bag former can be changed into stainless steel 316.

Model LD-4905
≤±1%, depending on the measuring equipment & materials
Bag size
(L)60-300mm(W) 60-250mm
Film width
Max. 420mm
Bag type
Pillow bag,punching hole bag,gusseted bag
Pulling belt type
Double-belts pulling film
Filling range
150-1000 ml
Film thickness
Film material
Air consumption
0.8Mpa 0.5m3/min
Total power
2.5KW (depend on the specific circumstances.)
Single phase220V, three phase380V, 50HZ (depend on the customer’s country)

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