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Full Automatic Ketchup Sachet Packaging Machine

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It is suitable for the packaging of various liquids and sauces such as liquid,sauce,soup,edible oil,liquid medicine,cream,seasoning sauce,honey,shampoo and shower gel.

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We have experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packaging sampels:应用图.jpg

1. The section where the material contact is stainless steel as the body of machine is optional for complete or partial stainless steel and all out equipments have passed the CE Standard.

3. Optional English or Chinese screen display, easy and simple operation.

4.High-sensitivity photoelectric color tracing and digital input of cutting position get more accuracy.

5. Embedded sealing ,enhanced structure of heat sealing intelligent temperature controller and excellent heat balance make all kinds of packaging materials possible with good performance, low noise, clear cutting pattern and strong sealability.

6. Packaging speed and length of bags can be set to some extent without further adjustment and parts changing. Packaging speed and length of bags can be set to

7. Equipped with rolled cup device enables volume of packing changing anytime, loss reducing and improve productivity.

8. Alarming function for specific output; automatic display of packaging speed.

9. Optional coding equipment and with 1 to 3 lines for batch number and expiration date.

10. Bag-making, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, thermal pressing of batch number can be achieved automatically and straightly.

11. Flat cutting, pattern cutting, linking cutting can be realized by changing the tools;easy operation with smooth bags.

Measuring Range30~100ml
Package Speed40~80bags/min
Bag width40~100mm
Bag Length50~200mm
SealingBack seal,3/4 seal(optional)
Machine Size(L)640×(W)700×(H)1580mm

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