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High Production Multi Track 100g Ketchup Sauce Packing Machine

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Automatic multilane liquid sachet packing machine is suitable for many kinds of liquid products, such as ketchup, sauce, honey, oil, jelly, shampoo, facial cream, etc.

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Packing Exambers:    High Production Multi Track 100g Ketchup Sauce Packing Machine

1. The biggest multi-lane packing machine which can run max roll film width of 1200mm.

2. Air-shaft film roller easy to change the new film roller.

3. Multi heads Ribbon date printer to print date info on each lane.

4. UV disinfection lamp to ensure the hygiene of the packaging film.

5. Double layer material tank has the function of stirring and heating to ensure the sauce has better fluidity.

6. Anti-leaking filling nozzles have high metering accuracy.

7. Stable pulling film to cut exact position.

8. Twice horizontal sealing to ensure good sealing.

9. Reliable electrical component.


Production capacityMax. 480 bags/min
Diameter of the film rollmaximum 300mm
Packaging film widththe widest 1200 mm
Outer bag sizeL: 45-120 mm, W: 35-120mm
Air pressure0.5-0.7Mpa
Machine noiseless than 80db(A)decibel
Heating power5.5 Kw
Machine size1415mm*1686mm*2130mm

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