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How To Choose The Right Dosing System

Feb. 17, 2022

How To Choose The Right Dosing System For Sticky Products?

        Pickles are a very common food in our daily life. So how do pickles achieve accurate measurement and packaging?

        What kind of dosing system would be suitable for pickles, chili sauce etc.?

        Considering that pickles are relatively sticky, it is difficult to feed and measure by vibration. 

        3 layer of 8 hopper screw combination scale would be the most suitable dosing system. 

How To Choose The Right Dosing System

        Why 3 layer of 8 hopper combination scale ?

1. Scope of application:

It is suitable for quantitative weighing of viscous materials with poor fluidity such as mustard, pickles, and small fish.

2. Features:

1. Using high-precision, high-standard special sensors;

2. The modular circuit board realizes the intelligent multi-sampling stabilization mode, and the weighing is more accurate;

3. Intelligent fault alarm prompt, maintenance is more convenient;

4. High-speed asynchronous discharge function, effectively prevent material blockage;

3. Mechanical characteristics and product characteristics:

1. The linear chassis arrangement and the three-layer hopper structure layout effectively reduce the space occupied area and make the whole machine layout more convenient and flexible.

2. The upper hopper has a stirring device, which effectively solves the problem of feeding viscous materials.

3. The screw feeding method replaces the traditional vibrating feeding method, even for super viscous materials;

4. The belt-type material collection method makes material collection easier and faster.

5. The scraper-type hopper without spring can effectively solve the sticking phenomenon of super-viscous materials, and it is more convenient to clean;

6. The stable aluminum shell structure makes the hopper run more stable and the reading is more accurate.

        Screw-type electronic scale, whether it is matched with a vertical packaging machine or a bag-type packaging machine, will be one of the best measurement methods for your packaging of viscous materials.

        The following chili sauce Doypack Packaging solutions We did for our customer who is going to pack chili sauce with oil. In order to achieve high metering accuracy, we have adopted two metering methods, the screw is called the metering device for metering pepper seeds, and the piston liquid pump is used for metering pepper oil. Two-in-one division of labor and cooperation to achieve the best measurement accuracy.The main machine is measured by a rotary eight-station bag feeding machine, which runs fast and stably, which can help customers increase production capacity and make packaging more beautiful.

How To Choose The Right Dosing System

How To Choose The Right Dosing System

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