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2G 4 Heads Miniature Modular Linear Weigher 0.5L

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Suitable for weighing small granules such as seeds, tea, coffee beans etc.

Kindly Reminder:
Suitable for weighing slice ,roll or ragular shape products such as sugar ,salt ,seed ,rice , seasame , glutamate ,milk powder ,coffee and season powder etc.

Weighing Products:    Computer Multihead Weigher Of 32 Heads Mixing Weigher For Seeds, Tea, Coffee Beans Etc.

Grand new modular control system .

Adopt stepless vibrating feeding system to make products flow more fluently .

Make mix different products weighing at one discharge .

Parameter can be freely adjusted according to production .

Identify CodeX1-2-1X2-2-1XM2-2-1X4-2-1XS4-2-1
Weighing Range20-1000g50-3000g1000-12000g50-2000g5-300g
Max Speed10-15P/M30P/M25P/M55 P/M70 P/M
Hopper Volume4.5L4.5L15L3 L0.5 L
Parameters Press No.2020202020
Max Mixing Products12244
Power Requirement220V/50/60Hz/5A220V / 50/60Hz / 6A220V / 50/60Hz / 6A220V/50/60HZ/6A220V/50/60HZ/6A
Packing Dimension(mm)860(L)*570(W)*920(H)920(L)*800(W)*890(H)1215(L)*1160(W)*1020(H)1030(L)*1080(W)*830(H)820(L)*800(W)*700(H)

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