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Semi-Automatic Oil Bottle Filling Machine Good Quality

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Automatic syrup bottle filling and capping machine(LFH-TJ-4), it is suitable for filling liquids and pastes of any fluidity in medicine, food, cosmetics and other industries. 


syrup, oral liquid, sauce, shampoo, fruit juice, etc.

Packaging Type: Bottles, Cans, Tins, Barrel, Capsule, Cartons, Stand-up Pouch

Packaging Material: 

Glass, Metal, Paper, Plastic, Wood, Other

Kindly Reminder:

We have experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packaging Sample:Semi-automatic oil bottle filling machine good quality

Beautiful appearance, made of stainless steel, easy to disasemble and clean the clam Ensure unimpeded delivery of filled products;

Speed can be adiusted by throttle valve;

Suitable for materials with different viscosity;

Paste and liquid dual-purpose filling machine;

Made of stainless steel. stable and durable;

high filling accuracy, drip-proof filling;

Product Name
Multi-Function filling Machine
Automatic quantitative material
Weighting Range
5-40ml/ 20-200ml/ 50-500ml/ 100-1000ml
Appearance Size
Feed hopper
Packing Speed
Power Supply
220V/50Hz (230V 240V 110V 60Hz all available)
Plug Type
According to your country plug
Beer, Milk, Water, Oil, Juice,Ketchup, mayonnaise, honey, salad dressing, fermented sweet flour sauce, chocolate sauce, sweet and
sour sauce, thousand island sauce and other non-granule paste

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