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Small Pouch Vertical Packaging Machine For Edible Oil

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Multi-channel liquid stick packaging machine is suitable for a variety of viscous products, such as edible oil, honey, shampoo, ketchup, etc.

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We have a team of experienced R&D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packaging Sample:small vertical oil packing grease 5g 10g filling machine

Stainless steel surrounds the part where contact to the material.  The machine is accordant with the European CE standard.   

The computer controller is the first patented product in China,  an advanced frequency converter,  and supports multi-language control.    

Unique embedded sealing,  enhanced heat sealing organization,  intelligent temperature controller with heatbalance to suitable for various of packaging material,  good performance, clear sealing texture, firm sealing .

pump measurement adjusting device can adjust packaging capacity during running the machine,  reduce the lost of material and improve productivity.   

Bag system with stepping motor subdivision technology,  high precision, and the error is less than 0.5mm.   

Packing Range
Appearance Size
film Width Range(cm)
5~20(Pre-factory setting)
Bag length(cm)
3~16cm(Adjust during use)
Working Power
Driven Type
Electric,pneumatic drive
honey,Tomato sauce, chili sauce mayonnaise peanut butter, sweet sauce made of fermented flour, soybean paste, chocolate sauce,sweet & sour sauce, thousand island sauce, XO sauce, salad, sauce, etc.

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