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4 Side Seal Paste Vertical Form Fill Seal Packing Machine

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To pack liquid products, like honey, tomato sauce, wine, shampoo, cream, detergent liquid, chili sauce, milk, cooking oil, juice, cosmetic liquid, yoghurt, wasabi, jelly etc.

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We have experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packaging Exambers:应用图.jpg

The packing running data and adjustment are directly displayed on the screen. The user can directly operate it on it.

Equipped with a photoelectric controller to ensure that its packing bag patterns are perfect.

It can automatically finish making-bag, metering, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and printing batch number.

The body and the parts touching the material are made of stainless steel.

Packing material: PET/PE, PET/aluminizing/PE, PET/Al foil/PE, paper/PE, nylon and other heat-sealing compound material.

Machine Model:LD-320L
Bag-Making Size Range:(L)50-200mm,(W)20-150mm
Film Width Range:120mm-320mm
Packing Filling Range:5ml-300ml(Depend on The Filling Products)
Packing Speed Range:10-50bags/min
Film Thickness Range:0.04mm - 0.08mm
Film Roll Diameter:Max. 320mm
Power Supply:AC220V 50/60Hz 2.5kw
Machine Dimension:(L)970*(W)680*(H)1950mm
Machine Weight:about 300kg

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