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Automatic Single Lane Peanut Butter Liquid Stick Packing Packaging Machine

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Automatic Single Lane Peanut Butter Liquid Stick Packing Packaging Machine(LDBK-140L), it is machine can automatically pack some liqiud, powder and granule materials, such as peanut butter, cream, honey and paste materials in chemical, medical and food industry, and powder. 

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We have experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packing Exambers:    Automatic Single Lane Peanut Butter Liquid Stick Packing Packaging Machine

1. Siemens touch screen, one button to adjust speed, easy to operate;

2. Customized peristaltic pump for precise liquid metering;

3. Servo control reciprocating film pulling, ensures nice sealing without wrinkles;

4. Anti-leak line is added on the top seal to ensure perfect and firm sealing performance;

5. Rounded corner design, ensures the gorgeous curvature for the bag;

6. Fully automatic from filling, making bags, sealing, coding, perfect save your labor cost;

7. Siemens touch screen, smart and simple operation;

8. Peristaltic pump dosing, high precision;

9. Servo Control film pulling device, nice sealing without wrinkles;

10. Anti-leak line design to ensure firm sealing; round corner designe to ensure perfect curvature.

Landpack Single Lane Stick Pack Machine
Dosing Method
A: Piston pump 1-30ml; 
B: Piston pump 2-42ml; 
C: Magnetic pump 3Liter/min  (for pure liquid or oil product)
Hopper typeA: Single layer  SS304 hopper; 
B: Double jacket SS304 hopper; 
C: Magnetic pump hose connection to raw liquid tank
Packing speed
20-45 bag/min (1200-2700bag/min)
Bag size range
L 40-150mm ; W 15-100mm
Bag Seal type
Stick /pillow
Cut typeA: Teeth cut; 
B: Straight cut
C: Round cut
D: Irregular cut (Stick Width within 40mm) 
Film thickness
Film material
Laminated film such as paper/PE, aluminum/PE, PA/PE, PET/PE, filter paper 
Drive method
Electricity + Pneumatic
Control style
PLC control system+English/Chinese screen (Or customized panel)
Power supply
AC220V 1phase 50Hz/ AC380V 3phases 50Hz
Air consumption
0.4cbm/min 0.8Mpa
750x710x1780 mm
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