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Automatic Bottle Can Jar Pickle Kimchi Filling Capping Labeling Machine

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Suitable for various granular products such as pickles, kimchi, pickle cucumber, puffed food, sliced dried meat floss, dried fish, cheese balls, chocolate balls, crispy snacks, colored sugar, popping candy, cashew nuts, peanuts, nuts, pistachio, vegetable seeds, sunflower seed, dried fruit, chips, raisin, popcorn, rice, pepper, etc.

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Packing Exambers:pickle jar packing machine

1. The machine is integrated with rapid production speed, high efficiency, and stable and reliable operation.

2. This machine mainly adopts weighing feedback in the feeding process to control the feeding speed and approximate the target value.

3. This machine is applicable to food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, agricultural chemicals, cosmetics, and other industries.

4. The machine is characterized by simple operation, low failure rate, stable and reliable performance, and long service life.

5. Working process: bottle/cans cleaning-granule filling-liquid filling-bottle capping/cans sealing-labeling.

FunctionFilling, labeling, capping, and sealing system
Bottle sizeBasic on customer
Packaging speed30-70 bottles/min
Single weighing range10-3000g
Accuracy rage0.1-2g
Hopper capacity1.6-2.5L

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