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Automatic Popcorn Pouch Vertical Weighing Packing Machine

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Automatic Popcorn Pouch Vertical Weighing Packing Machine, Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machine (VFFS) is used for packing many different products: 

1. Food Industry: popcorn, peanuts, jelly, data, garlic, beans, grains, soybeans, pistachios, walnuts, rice, corn, sunflower seeds, melon seeds, coffee beans, potato chips, banana chips, plantain chips, chocolate ball, shrimp, sweet candy, sugar, tea, herbs, Chinese medicine, puffed food, dry food, frozen food, frozen vegetables, frozen pea, frozen fish ball, frozen pie, and other granule products. 

2. Pet Food Industry: dog food, bird food, cat food, fish food, poultry food and etc. 

3. Hardware Industry: plastic pipe elbows, nails, bolts and nuts, buckles, wire connectors, screws and other construction products.

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We have experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packing Exambers:Automatic Popcorn Pouch Vertical Weighing Packing Machine


1. Simplified, vertical packing machines start with a large roll of film, form it into a bag shape, fill the bag with product, and seal it, all in a vertical fashion;

2. With products ranging from 100 g to 10 kg at the fastest speeds. Fast up to 3600 bags/hour. Maximum package size L: 100 cm, W: 58 cm;

3. big capacity packaging machine ,up to 35cm* 60cm;

4. two times filling avoiding material get stucked at the mouth of bag former;

5. double film drive for the length , long package;

6. SS304 snack packing machine  SS304;

7. Full automatic packing machine.


1. The new design, beautiful appearance, the structure is more reasonable, more advanced technology.

2. English and Chinese screen display. PLC control, servo motor, very easy to operate. Do not need to stop machine to adjust any parameters.

3. Fully automatic bag forming, dosing Filling, sealing, coding, conveying, counting can be finished in one operation, most labor-saving equipment.

4. High quality stainless steel, suitable for GMP, good for food packaging with high standard.

5. Horizontal, vertical temperature control, suitable for various of mix film, PE film packing material.

6. Pocket diversification, can provide customers with pillow bags, angled bags, hanging-hole bags, vertical bags, punched bags, etc.

7. A variety of automatic alarming protective function, maximum limit to reduce wear and tear.

8. Double sever motors, drawing film position accurately, and the speed is faster.

9. Temperature independent control system, precision get to ±1°C.

Film Thickness0.04-0.08mm0.04-0.12mm0.04-0.12mm0.04-0.12mm0.04-0.12mm0.04-0.12mm
Bag Length80-300mm80-350mm100-500mm100-600mm100-800mm100-1000mm
Bag Width60-200mm100-250mm180-350mm260-430mm290-505mm290-580mm
Film Roll DiameterMax.320mmMax.320mmMax.320mm400mm400mm400mm
Pakaging Rate5-60bag/min5-60bag/min5-55bag/min5-20bag/min5-20bag/min5-20bag/min
Film WidthMax.420mmMax.520mm150-Max.720mmMax.900mmMax.900mmMax.1200mm
Measurement Range150-1500ml5-2000ml4000ml1-25L1-25L1.5L-45L

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