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Multifunction Automatic Spice Powder Filling Machine Product Line

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Suitable for all kinds of powder, such as spice powder, seasoning powder, milk powder protein powder, nutritional powder, grain powder, washing powder, garlic powder, pest powder, chili powder, etc. 

Kindly Reminder:
We have an experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packing Exambers:    Multifunction Automatic Spice Powder Filling Machine Product Line

1. Automatic two-head Auger type metering/filling system works with the automatic capping machine;

2. Able to work with the double star wheels for the bottle/can conveying & positioning system to perform the filling operation;

3. Conveyor mounted a precision splitter to perform the intermittent movement for the bottle/can to achieve the accurate positioning function;

4. Transmission system of the filling machine is driven by Japan Panasonic servo motor for high accuracy and stability;

5. Auto bottle/can positioning, lifting, and vibrating, filling system is able to stop filling automatically when there's no bottle, and when a bottle jam occurs, the machine (system) will also stop automatically;

6. 10 sets of memory modules for memorizing different kinds of products and filling weights;

7. HMI touch screen for operational control;

8. Japan Panasonic PLC;

9. Available to connect with material supply system at pre-section for auto-linking connection;

10. Available to link with the capping and labeling systems, etc. at the post section.

Filling Weight10-5000g(customizable)10-5000g(customizable)
Bottle diameterΦ30-Φ140mm(customizable)Φ30-Φ140mm(customizable)
Bottle height50mm-200mm(customizable)50mm-200mm(customizable)
Yield10-20 Bottle/min20-40 Bottle/min
Measurement accuracy≤500g, ≤±1%; >500g, ≤±0.5% (Varies due to the characteristics of the material)≤500g, ≤±1%; >500g, ≤±0.5% (Varies due to the characteristics of the material)
Silo capacity50L50L
Power Supply220V, 50Hz220V, 50Hz
Working Pressure0.6-0.8MPa0.6-0.8MPa

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