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Semi Automatic Screw Quantitative Powder Filling Machine

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The semi-automatic powder filling machine can automatically complete measuring, filling and other tasks. Suitable for packaging those powders and fine particles that are easy to flow or have poor flowability, such as milk powder, protein powder, coffee, yeast, white sugar, solid beverages, veterinary drugs, pesticides, washing powder, etc.

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Packing Exambers:    Semi Automatic Screw Quantitative Powder Filling Machine

1. Excellent material. The main body is made of 304 stainless steel, which can be used for all kinds of food, medicine, cosmetics, small particle packaging; or powder and particle packaging of various chemical raw materials, which will not affect the service life of the equipment;

2. Powerful function. It can be used in cans, bottles and bags. One packaging equipment is used instead of multiple packaging equipment;

3. Excellent workmanship. 304 stainless steel screw, each corner is artificially finely polished and polished, so that the gap does not jam;

4. Touch screen operation. Automatic setting of canning quantity, canning speed, quantitative production, weight setting, setting number of turns, feeding speed, etc.;

5. Stable performance, stable performance of the loading machine configuration, powerful vibration motor, whether it is lighter dust, powder raw materials or small particles of heavier metal powder, it can be stably loaded.

Measurement methodweighing feedback tracking spiral rotating filling type
Package weight1-5000 grams (change screw attachment) 100-300 grams partial <+1%
Filling speed10-25 times/min
Power supplythree-phase 380V50-60Hz (220V can be customized)
Whole machine power3.8KW
Whole machine weight130 kg
Machine volume1100*930*2200mm
Material box volume30L    50L

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