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Automatic 4 Lane Packing Machine For Jam Products Containing Fine Particles

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This machine is applicable for dosing liquid or semi-liquid and sealing in form of 3/ 4 side sealed sachet, including the sachet forming, product dosing, filling, and sachet sealing processes, with single cutting or string sachet cutting. 
The detailed application description as the following table:

Application Description
Applicable Sealing Style3/ 4 sides sealing
Applicable ProductsConfigure with pump, capable to pack liquid products
Applicable Packaging
Laminate Heat sealable packing materials such as OPP/PE, BOPP/VMPET/PE, PET/AL/PE etc.
Applicable industrySuitable for liquid products containing fine particles such as chili sauce, bean paste, instant noodle sauce, ketchup, paste, honey, cream, milk, butter, water, oil, vinegar, liquid seasoning, shampoo, jelly, etc.

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2. Weight per bag/sachet
3. Bag/sachet dimension
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Packing Exambers:    jam packaging machine

1. Servo control, and precise cutting, to ensure perfect packaging effect

2. With a stirring device, it is suitable for sticky materials, such as jam, chili sauce, chocolate sauce, mayonnaise, etc.

3. The high degree of automation, filling, feeding, printing batch number, cutting and tearing, finished bag output once, quick and convenient adjustment

4. Accurate measurement, high packaging efficiency, compact structure, low noise, and long service life

5. Piston filling, high filling precision, good sealing effect, clean sealing

6. Stainless steel contact part and the machine's outer shell, high features for the liquid running environment.


Track Number4~6 Track4~10 Track4~12 Track
Filling Method1.Piston pump;   2.Peristaltic Pump
CapacityMax.40 cycle/min
Sachet SizeL:45--120mm; W:35-60mmL:45--120mm; W:35-90mmL:45--120mm; W:35-120mm
Film Width & ThicknessMax.480mm;0.07-0.1mmMax.720mm;0.07-0.1mmMax.960mm;0.07-0.1mm
Sealing Type3/4 sides sealing3/4 sides sealing3/4 sides sealing
Cutting Type1. Straight Cutting;    2. Zig Zag Cutting;    3. Continuous Cutting
Air & Power0.8 mpa  0.8m³/min; 2.8kw0.8 mpa  0.8m³/min; 4.1kw0.8 mpa  0.8m³/min; 5.5kw

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