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Automatic Horizontal Spout Pouch Packing Sealing Machine

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Automatic Horizontal Spout Pouch Packing Sealing Machine, it is suitable for kinds of liquid products and can pack different premade bags spout pouch etc. It is applied for various kinds of liquid such as honey, milk, oil, ketchup, paste, sauce, fruit  juice, hand wash, laundry liquid, etc.

Applicable Pouches: spout pouch, 3-side, 4 side sealing bag, stand-up bag, handbag, zipper bag, compound bag, etc.

Kindly Reminder:
We have experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packing Exambers:    Automatic Horizontal Spout Pouch Packing Sealing Machine

1. Different machine models available to meet a wide range premade bag size.

2. Customized main machine structure for various kinds of bag shape. Like doypack zipper bag, 3/ 4 side seal bag, spout pouch, stand up bag and irregular bag, ect.

3. With upgrade PLC control system, easy for operation on touch screen of parameter setting.

4. Machine machine can equipment with different metering system like weigher, liquid pump, auger filler, bucket chain for different kinds of product filling and packing in premade bag.

Bag Type3-side, 4 side sealing bag, stand-up bag, handbag, spout bags, zipper bag, compound bag, etc.
Bag Size110-230mm*80-160mm(L*W)70-100mm*110-230(L*W)100-210mm/110-320mm(L*W)100-260mm/110-320mm(L*W)
Filling Range10g-100g10g-100g10g-1kg10g-3kg
Packing Speed20-45bags/min(speed is determined 
by the product filling quantity)
25-50bags/min(speed is determined 
by the product filling quantity)
20-50bags/min (speed is determined
by the product filling quantity)
20-50bags/min (speed is determined
by the product filling quantity)
Machine weight800KG800KG900KG1000KG
Total Power2.0KW2.0KW2.0KW2.0KW
Work Flow1.Giving bag     2. Pick up the bag(coding)     3.Open the bag up and down     4.Filling   
5.Heating sealing     6.Output of product
Dimensions1750mm X 1285mm X 1360mm(L*W*H)2140mm X 1366mm X 1360mm(L*W*H)2140mm X 1366mm X 1360mm(L*W*H)
CollocationScrew metering,screw elevator

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