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Automatic Live Fish Inclined Type Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

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1. Packing heavy products. The inclined packing process can effectively reduce the impact of packing items on the bag, which is usually used to pack live fish, frozen poultry, seafood and heavy hardware.

2. Package fragile products. They are well integrated with weighing and metering systems for fragile products such as potatoes, fruits, baked goods, biscuits, pastries and other general fragile products.

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We have experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packaging Exambers:Application2.jpg

The 35 degree inclined design of the bag former reduces the force when material falling. And also reducing the feeding height for easier manual operation;

Equipped with electronic touch screen, man-machine interface, strong operability;

Pneumatic feeding device & high-intensity sensor probe;

Cylindrical hopper & pneumatic feeding block ensure the orderly and accuracy of packaging;

Filling block: maintaining the original state of the material better;

Water filling device is optional to increase the survival rate of fresh food;

Oxygen/nitrogen filling device is optional for better freshness-preservation ability;

Frame structureStainless steel
Film widthMax.500mm
Bag width80-240mm
Bag length50-300mm
Packing speedMax. 80 bpm
Power supply220V, 50HZ, 4Kw
Air requests0.3m3/min, 0.6Mpa
Film roll diameterReel outer Φ16 In. max.   ; Reel core Φ3.0 In.
Film thickness0.04~0.12mm
Install PowerAC Single phase, 50Hz,   220V  (48V is available on optional)
Total Power4.0KW
Air  Consumption2CFM @6 bar
WeightApprox. 680 kg

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