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  • liquor filling machine
  • alcohol bottling machine
  • alcohol bottle filling machine

High Efficiency Cocktail Alcohol Filling Capping Line With Inkjet Printer

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Suitable for food, medicine, pesticide, chemical, and other industries. such as alcohol, liquor, cocktails, brandy, vodka, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, oil, liquid detergent, shampoo, sauce, paste, honey, tomato sauce, salad sauce, etc.

Kindly Reminder:
We have an experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packing Exambers:liquor bottle filling machine

1. Flexible Filling Machine Line: Our filling machine line can be adjusted to fit bottles of different sizes, making it a versatile solution for your bottling needs. With easy-to-adjust settings, you can fill bottles from 100ml to 5 liters in just a few clicks.

2. Stainless Steel Construction: Our filling machine line is built with a sturdy SUS304 main frame, which is easy to clean and maintain. Keep your line looking and working like new with our high-quality stainless steel construction.

3. PLC Control and Human-Oriented HMI: Our filling machine line features advanced PLC control and a user-friendly HMI interface. You can easily program and adjust settings with a simple touch, making our filling machine line both efficient and easy to use.

4. Suitable for Ghee and Liquid Honey: Whether you're filling bottles of ghee or liquid honey, our filling machine line is the perfect solution. Our filling range from 100ml to 5 liters ensures that you can fill a wide variety of products with ease.

Filling Range50-1000ml(Customizable)
Filling Speed20-35 bottles/min
Measurement accuracy±1%
Power2 KW
Working power supply220V, 50Hz
Working pressure0.6-0.8MPa

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