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4 Head Weigher Mini doypack Machine LD-200AX

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It can auto finish material feeding, weighing, premade pouch pick-up, open, fill and seal, etc. Premade pouch can be 3-side-seal, gussette pouch, standup pouch no-zip-lock. 

Suitable for small granule material, such as crystal monosodium glutamate, seasoning, washing powder, pesticides, chemicals, sugar, feed and other small granule material automatic packing.

Kindly Reminder:

We have experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packing Exambers:  4 Head Weigher Mini doypack Machine LD-200AX

Basic Configurations:

 Touch Screen: China Kinco 7 inches corlor touch screen;

 Languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Korean (At most three languages);

 PLC: Japan Panasonic;

 Cylinder: Taiwai Airtac (Can be upgraded to Japan SMC);

 Vacuum Generator: China Airbest (Can be upgraded to Vacuum Pump);

 Vacuum Component: Japan SMC;

 Modular Control System For Vacuum Pressure: Japan SMC;

 Modular Control System For Temperature: China YUDIAN;

 Electrical Component: Schneider / Omron;

 Safety Key Interlock Switch;

 The main structure of the machine is SUS304 (The thickness of the rack is 3.0mm), and the material of the part is aluminum;

 The part (Hopper) in contact with the material is SUS304 (Can be upgraded to SUS316L).

Basic Functions:

 The machine stops running when the safety key interlock switch is pulled out;

 No bag prompting function;

 Self-diagnosis function of open the bag failed (The bag can be reused); In that case, the machine will not fill and seal, it will re-take the bag;

 Positioning (anti-dropping) function of hopper;

 Warning function of cartridge heater fault ;

 Warning function of cylinder fault.

 Warning function which air pressure is not up to standard.

Performance Features:

 Easy to operate and easy to replace the bag / The machine is suitable for a variety of bag types;

 Low maintenance cost / Modular replacement of the parts;

 Certificate of Conformity.

Model: LD-200AX

Bag Material: Multilayer Composite Premade Bag (e.g.: PET/PE)

Bag Type: 3 Side Seal Bag, Stand-up Bag"

Upgradable Bag Type: N/A

Size Range: 70mm≤W≤150mm, 100mm≤L≤200mm"

Speed: 0~26bags/min       

Sealing Type: Straight grain, pitch is 1mm (Optional reticulate)

Sealing Width: 10mm (5--20mm can be customized)

Voltage: 220V, Single-phase, 50/60HZ, 1KW

Air Pressure: 0.65Mpa

Air Consumption: 0.2m³/min (Standard machine, no additional function)

Body Dimension: 1080*535*1010mm

Packing Dimension: 1240*670*1320mm (Export non-fumigation wooden case)

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