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Automatic Chemical Pesticide Bleach Bottle Jar Tin Filling Machine Line

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Suitable for packing all kinds of liquid, fluid and paste material, such as chemical liquid, bleach, juice, disinfectant, sauce, laundry detergent, honey, daily necessities, medicine, etc.

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Packaging Exambers:Automatic Chemical Pesticide Bleach Bottle Jar Tin Filling Machine Line

1. Complete supporting facilities, the whole line is fully automatic, saving labor.

2.4-head negative ion bottle washing machine, cleans the inside of the bottle and keeps it clean and hygienic.

3. The double-sided labeling machine can label round bottles, single-sided or double-sided.

4. The label sleeve on the bottle mouth shrinks to prevent theft and prevent air from entering, which is conducive to preservation.

5. Connected to the carton sealing machine, the entire line is fully automated to increase output.

Filling range
Filling speed
20-35 bottles/min
Measurement accuracy
220V, 50Hz, 1KW
Working pressure

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