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Landpack Packaging Machine-Super September Purchasing Festival Event

Sep. 19, 2021

Landpack Packaging Machine-Super September Purchasing Festival Event

     Autumn September is the harvest season, but also ushered in ALIBABA September shopping festival. For global cross-border trade, this is as big a promotion as the Double 11 shopping festival in China.


     As a senior manufacturer and supplier of Ali, there are 3 over 5 years old shop,  comprehensive station, pillow machine station, filling machine station and other platforms.


On August 31st, under the leadership of General Manager Yang, our foreign trade team participated in the Competition of Ali Purchasing Festival in September. At the declaration of war, the soldiers present made their writ and set the goals of the September shopping festival.


     Everyone signed the military writ, which is the responsibility, the goal, the responsibility, the perseverance of partners, the transmission of confidence, courage and power, which highlights the spirit of excellence and indomitable determination of LANDPACK partners!

     Together, we can achieve our September procurement festival goal!

     In order to let customers at home and abroad know more about our production strength and products, we have arranged a number of live broadcasts to introduce our company and products in September.Due to the epidemic, guests cannot visit the factory in person, they can also have a good understanding of our company's production and packaging machinery characteristics online through Alibaba's cross-border B2B live broadcast.

     The professional and detailed explanation of the business elites won the high praise from the viewers, with the highest viewing rate and the highest praise. This gave us great encouragement to win more orders in the golden autumn season of September.

     The following is our live broadcast arrangement and connection, you are welcome to click to watch, if you have any consultation, please feel free to consult our business representative

ThemeLANDPACK Live Broadcast Promotion LinkPoster
September procurement festival live industry venuehttps://watch.alibaba.com/v/58cefa6a-4908-4f62-9cbe-1c5735274dea?referrer=SellerCopy图片4.png
September Procurement Festival Live Source Factory Direct Supply Theme Venuehttps://watch.alibaba.com/v/95ebe62a-50b4-40c3-8de5-093c24d08fb6?referrer=SellerCopy 图片5.png
September Purchasing Festival Live Commodity Evaluation Theme Venuehttps://watch.alibaba.com/v/b67f5496-a8e8-43ad-ad2e-8cfea7b4d9c8?referrer=SellerCopy图片6.png
September Procurement Festival Live Industry Conference (Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Machine)https://watch.alibaba.com/v/1e97f8a8-d88e-4202-8167-77c035cd5673?referrer=SellerCopy 图片7.png
September Procurement Festival live broadcast industry venue (bag-feeding machine or multi-row machine)https://watch.alibaba.com/v/a1322cd2-5196-4225-a3d6-f7d3facf4df3?referrer=SellerCopy 图片8.png
September Procurement Festival Live Industry Venuehttps://watch.alibaba.com/v/ac04fbc6-6411-4187-bd90-ad8f61328429?referrer=SellerCopy图片9.png

     No matter in any battle, our goal is the same, that is, to break through ourselves and gain.

     Since the start of the shopping festival on September 1, every day has been a happy opening for the elite.


图片11.jpg 图片10.jpg

图片12.jpg 图片13.jpg

图片14.jpg 图片15.jpg

     Finally, I hope that the soldiers fighting in the front of the battlefield can work hard, climb over, not be discouraged, believe, and finally straight sail, brave the wind and waves.

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