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Why Choose Landpack for Packaging Solution ?

Nov. 30, 2021

Why Choose Landpack for Packaging Solution ?


          We Strive to Be your Reliable Long-Term Partner


          As a medium size manufacturer of packaging machine for over 15 years. All Landpack members strive as hard as we could to support your esteemed company to cut the labor cost, improve production efficiency and build your brand image in your industry. 

No matter you are starting up a small business or looking for large packaging solution as group enterprise. You could find your perfect answers here!


          What makes Landpack your perfect partner?


          ENTHUSIASM - A team who loves machines and customer-focused


          Continuously absorb fresh talents.Committed to Innovation.  

          Launch new series products each year base on the trends of the market.


          * Stable and Strong Team: less than 3% fluctuation – we remain our expertise stick together as a strong team to serve our customers.

          * We know our customers well: you are more than just customers, any difficult you encounter, we make your challenge ours  

          * Quick customer-oriented decision making – no cumbersome hierarchy or profit pressure, all decision are related to customer needs




          7/ 24 FULL SUPPORT – All over the World


          * We are online 24 hours / 7 days a week

          * Distributors/Dealer on over 30 countries   

          * Fast spare part delivery time due to mass stock

          * Own professional after service team - no rely on external forces, solve your confused at any time

          * Web, phone, video and on-site close support






          * Extremely low maintenance cost on account of high quality parts

          * Low defect rate due to intelligent control  

          * High accuracy and repeatability

          * Simply operation: average workforce can operate without pressure

          * High productivity





          * Designed for long time production: 365/24/7yield

          * Durable – no extra maintenance even after a few years used

          * Solid stable design,Production, Maintenance

          * Perfect Sealing: tight and clean

          * Punctual delivery Cycle




          Since 2001 support our customers complete over 4500 machines for various industry, with deep application & technical knowledge to share best idea on

          * Popular Packaging Style base on your market

          * Various film based on product feature for reference

          * Durable and cost effective films

          * High quality films



          Strong Engineering team with at least 5 experienced engineers for each series machines. So we could be Flexible to:

          * Customized machine base on your Products, Special Packing Films Material

          * Films and products can be tested at our workshop anytime before or after you made any decision

          * Short decision making process and fast response due to flat company structure



          *Extremely Short lead time

          * Fast reaction during solution making

          *Fast debugging with flexible service team

          *Made in China to guarantee fast production




          Made in China

          Over 15 years reliable packaging industry experience

          Food Safety Compliance Hygiene Material   

          CE Approved

          Focus on making machines simpler, safer,more durable meanwhile more cost effective



          We are always on your side to reduce the cost of each pack!  

Foshan Land Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
Foshan Land Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
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