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Honduras Customer Case Who Bought A Plantain Chips Packaging System

Jul. 12, 2023

Published by: Alice-Landpack

Date: 2023-06-03

Our customer from Honduras, Purchased full automatic plantain chips filling line, from empty bottle feeding, labeling, weighing, filling, and capping, all automatically.

banana dried fruits packing machine

Here is the First Inquiry, and they have 2 bottles size:

dry fruit packing machine

1)Small bottle (500g chips), 145.8mm diameter x 243.9mm height

Cap Style: With Screw Caps, and with a layer of foil heat sealing on top to ensure better sealing effect.

dry fruits packaging machinery

2)Big Bottle (10L, 1.2kg chips) 230mm diameter x 291.9mm height

Cap Style: Pressing Type Caps, and with a layer of foil heat sealing on top to ensure a better sealing effect.

automatic dry fruits packing machine

Customers' output is about 600~1200 bottles per min, and after discussion, they also care about accuracy.

Since they have no space limited, the final solution is fixed to consist of the below machines and make it a straight line.

Below is the drawing and finished filling line picture for the whole system.

automatic dried fruits packaging machine

dry fruit packing machine manufacturers

1. Product Name: Plantain Chips

2. Bottle style: Round Shape Bottle (one kind of general film roll-making bag)

3. Bottle capacity and Size: Up to 10L bottle (1.2kg plantain chips)

4. Speed Request: 5-15 bottles per min.

To meet all the above requirements, our custom-made plantain chips system can perfectly meet the customer's needs. The overall system includes:

1. Bottle arrange machine: to automatic feeding the empty bottle.

2. Round Bottle Labeling machine to handle both small and big bottles;

3. Filling system: Include a Z-type elevator to auto-feeding chips, multi-leads weigher to ensure high accuracy and filling speed, and a straight filling machine for filling chips into bottles;

4. Aluminum Foil Heat Sealing Machine to seal aluminum foil on top of bottle mouth;

5. Cap lifting and feeding machine with capping machine

The capping machine in this case has 2 capping machines, one is servo capping for screw-type caps (small bottles). And cap pressing machine for pressing type caps(big bottles).

6. Finished bottle collection table

After checking our solution and the cost, our customer makes his decision in a very short time. And release the deposit in one week. Below is the deposit bank slip

freeze dried fruits packing machine

After around 45~60 working days, the machine has been finished assembling and testing.

Here is a testing video and a machine explanation video to show customers how the machine works:

Working Video:

Detailed video to explain how the whole system works:

The machine Finished Loading and we will send the customer picture timely to confirm.

packaging machine for dried fruit

The machine is running well after online support. We generally set up a group to include our after-sale engineer to solve the installation and operation problems.

dry fruit packing machine price

The machine is working well in the customers' workshop now. 

If you also have a similar project and want to upgrade to an auto-packaging solution. Please no hesitate to contact us to get custom-made solutions accordingly.

LANDPACK Support OEM AND ODM PACKING MACHINE For End Customers. Any further questions please contact to sales depart.

If you also have a similar project and want to upgrade to an auto-packaging solution. Please don't hesitate to contact us to get custom-made solutions accordingly.

Thank you for reading, please contact us if you have any inquiries.

LANDPACK would be your reliable supplier of packing machines.

If you have any questions about the machine, feel free to contact us or leave your machine inquiry on our website, our sales managers and engineers will be here to support you and provide you with a suitable packing solution.

You could contact us by our website address or phone number, our sales managers will contact you in time and give you professional suggestions. And our engineers are willing to help you to solve the machine problem and teach you one step by step on video calling.

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