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Hardware Hinge Semi Automatic Pouch Packing Machine

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Suitable for automatic counting and packing machine for screws, nails, bolts, nuts, gaskets, bearings, glass parts, plastic parts, furniture accessories, toy accessories, blind nuts, gaskets, hardware, and plastic parts, etc.

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Packing Exambers:counting and packing machine

Custom-tailored vibration plates for screw samples, liner vibration arrange devices and high-precision counting devices.

The electrical belt semi-automatic packaging machine adopts manual counting and feeding. This working belt is easy to convey. The machine can package different shapes of materials or mix different materials.

Vibration feeding screw to count, counting accurately.

Step motor control combines with the coding tracking system, cutting right.

The single-chip microcomputer control system, self-diagnosis, automatic stop when a fault, and automatic alarm.

Auto display package quantity, easy operation, and safety.

The machine can complete the functions of automatic bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cursor positioning, cutting, counting, stepless speed control, etc.

Photoelectric tracking system, automatic track the mark on the film.

Packing sizeL: 30-180mm, W: 50-140mmL: 50-300mm, W: 90-250mm
Max film width320mm520mm
Packing materialOPP, CPP, Laminated film
Air supply0.4-0.6 MPa
Packing speed10-50 bags/min (Depending on the counting quantity and material size)
PowerAC220V or AC 380V, 2KW-6KW
Machine sizeCustomized size

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