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High Speed Multi Lane Garlic Powder Sachet Filling Sealing Machine

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This multi-lane garlic powder sachet packing machine can make bags, measure, fill, seal, and make easy tearing notches. Suitable for food, cosmetics, and medicine packing such as seasoning, spice, garlic powder, sugar, salt, pepper, washing powder, and all kinds of fine granules, etc.

Kindly Reminder:
We have an experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packing Exambers:    High Speed Multi Lane Garlic Powder Sachet Filling Sealing Machine

1. Full stainless steel 304 material, generous and durable, simple cleaning.

2. Small fuselage, high production capacity. This equals 4 small single-lane machines working at the same time, but occupying only one machine space.

3. Swinging cup filling, high accuracy, and easy to adjust the cup volume.

4. Servo control film pulling and sealing, accuracy cutting to ensure a nice sealing effect.

5. Intelligent counting function, one button to set quantity and times on touch screen, perfect connect back-end, improve efficiency.

Production capacity
Max. 210 bags/min
Diameter of the film roll
Maximum 300mm
Bag width
35-60 mm
Outer bag size
The longest 120mm widest 60mm product packaging
Air pressure
Machine noise
Less than 80db(A)decibel
Heating power
2.8 Kw
Total weight of the machine
Machine size

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