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Automatic Multi-Lanes Honey Liquid Packing Machine

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This machine is mainly used for packing liquid paste and different drink, medical, chemical products: such as honey,oil,sauce,puree,juice,cream,gel,milk,yogurt,beer,alcohol,laundry liquid, etc.

Packaging type:

According to customer needs,the bag types can be changed:Back Side Seal, ,Three Sides Seal ,Four  Side Seal .Specical bag Seal as per requested 

Kindly Reminder:

We have experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packaging Exambers:Automatic Multi-Lanes Honey Liquid Packing Machine

1.Full material is 304 stainless steel 

2.Heavy duty design suits for high speed operation

3.No waste of film design, no reserved film edge required

4.Motorized Roller type film dividing device

5.PLC & Touch screen HMI control

6.Guided servo motorized film pulling device integrated with horizontal seal

7.Individual servo auger dosing for each lane and automatic dosing range adjustment by PLC

8.Visible hopper with openable door

9.Intelligent PID temperature controller

10.Door open and machine stop interlock

11.No packaging film and machine stop interlock

Number of columns4-104-12
Measurement methodLiquid metering pumpLiquid metering pump
Packaging speedSingle row 40 packs/minSingle row 40 packs/min
Bag sizeL40-120MM W35-90MML45-120MM W35-120MM
Maximum film width720mm960mm
Sealing formBack sealBack seal
Power type1N+PE/50HZ/AC220V/3.5KW1N+PE/50HZ/AC220V/5KW
Air consumption0.8MPA0.8m3/min0.8MPA0.8m3/min
Total Weight650kg750kg

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