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Automatic Fruit Beverage/ Juice Doypack Machine

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Liquids: soy sauce, rice vinegar, fruit juice, beverages, etc.

Sauce: tomato sauce, chili sauce, bean paste, etc.

Paste: shampoo, hair care cream, facial mask cream, pastes with relatively high viscosity, etc.

Packing bag types: self-supporting bags, four-side sealing bags, zipper bags, handbags, paper bags and other prefabricated bags

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Packing Exambers:    Automatic Fruit Beverage/ Juice Doypack Machine

1. The metering and packaging system consists of a horizontal bag-feeding packaging machine and a cylinder pump blanking system;

2. The bag-putting slot is convenient and simple for bag-putting, equipped with automatic bag-pressing device;

3. Equipped with imported pressure sensing device to achieve the effect of no blanking and unsealing, saving packaging bags;

4. Adopting color touch screen, simple operation and multifunctional design;

5. The machine adopts stainless 304L appearance, and the carbon steel frame part and some accessories are processed with acid-resistant, salt-resistant and anticorrosive treatment layer.

6. Material selection requirements: Most of the accessories are formed by mold production, and the main materials are 304 stainless steel and alumina.

7. Various coding, coding, exhaust, and punching systems are optional;

Packing speed: 20-40bags/min

Total power: 3.5KW (single host power, supporting system power plus)

Packing size: 80-160mm*110-230mm (W*L) (The width of the special-shaped bag is customized according to customer specifications and cannot be adjusted)

Power supply: 380V

Whole machine weight: 800KG

Packing capacity: 10g-500g

Air consumption: 0.7m3/min

Packaging Process Flow Chart:

Automatic Fruit Beverage/ Juice Doypack Machine

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