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Automatic Horizontal Different Liquid Premade Twin Pouch Filling Packing Machine

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Automatic horizontal different liquid premade twin pouch filling packing machine, it is suitable for packing liquid standing bags, pre-made bags, zipper bags packaging, such as juice, cream, jam, laundry detergent, hand soap, sauces, honey, milk, etc.

Sutable Pouch:  Doypack, Box Pouch, Zipper Pouch, Stand Up Pouch, Stand Up Pouch With Hole, Kraft Paper Bag, Side Gusset Bag etc. 

Kindly Reminder:
We have experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packing Exambers:    Automatic Horizontal Different Liquid Premade Twin Pouch Filling Packing Machine


1.Rapidly change bag specification in one-click antomaticadjustment.

2.Single shaft and the GAM design , faster packing apeed,more stable operation , easier maintence and defective rate reducting.

3.Modular heating ,temperature control is more accurate , heating fault has alarm prompt.

4.Adcanced design idea, reduce the material loss, ensure the stability of operation, extend the operation life.

5.Simple and convenient operation, adopt the adcanced PLC + POD(touchscreen) electric control system and man-machine interface.

Work Flow:

1.Vertical bag giving station.

2.Ribbon coding.

3.Opening bag.

4.Double piston pump with Double filler.

5.Filling different material into twin pack at the same time.



Bag Type3-side, 4 side sealing bag, stand-up bag, handbag, spout bags, zipper bag, compound bag, etc.
Bag Size110-230mm*80-160mm(L*W)70-100mm*110-230(L*W)100-210mm/110-320mm(L*W)100-260mm/110-320mm(L*W)
Filling Range10g-100g10g-100g10g-1kg10g-3kg
Packing Speed20-45bags/min(speed is determined 
by the product filling quantity)
25-50bags/min(speed is determined 
by the product filling quantity)
20-50bags/min (speed is determined
by the product filling quantity)
20-50bags/min (speed is determined
by the product filling quantity)
Machine weight800KG800KG900KG1000KG
Total Power2.0KW2.0KW2.0KW2.0KW
Work Flow1.Giving bag     2. Pick up the bag(coding)     3.Open the bag up and down     4.Filling   
5.Heating sealing     6.Output of product

Dimensions1750mm X 1285mm X 1360mm(L*W*H)2140mm X 1366mm X 1360mm(L*W*H)2140mm X 1366mm X 1360mm(L*W*H)
CollocationScrew metering,screw elevator

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