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Assembling & Operation Guidance For Powder Bottle Filling Line

Dec. 20, 2022

automatic powder filling line

(Remark: Power and air sources should be connected well before you run it)

Before you start mass production, you'd better follow up on our guidance step to operate your machines.


Step 1 Assembling the conveyor belt for the entire bottle filling line.

Step 2: Operate the bottle feeder

powder filling production line

As it's packed entire one. so there is no need to assemble it. Just need to follow up on the below video link to adjust the shelf to meet your bottle dimension. Remark: Please note that only available for Round bottles.

Step 3: Assembling auger feeder

powder filling line

There are two units of auger feeders in this packing solution. Do the same way to install the screw auger to the tank. Please refer to this video:

Step 4: Connecting the wire of the first auger feeder to the Powder mixer

Connect the wire of the first auger to the correct position as per the mark number of the wire. Such as U2.V2.W2.

There is a detecting sensor fixed on the top of the mixer. once lack of powder is inside the mixer. The sensor will give a signal to the Intermediate relay and control the timing relay to control the contactor to switch on the power of U2.V2.W2 to feed powder by the auger feeder

Please refer to the below picture of the "Electrical box of powder mixer" about the working principle.

dry powder filling line

Working process of auger feeder and powder mixer

powder can filling line

Step 5: Connect the wire of the second auger feeder to the powder bottle filling machine.

The second auger feeder comes with a plug with a pin. Such as 3-pin or 4-pin. You only need to connect the plug to the powder-filling machine directly. The auger feeding working principle. like the first auger feeder. Once there is a lack of powder inside the metering device. then the auger feeder will feed material automatically.

Step 6 Install the capping machine

Just need to connect the vibrator with the gap feeder shelf by screws. Kindly check the following picture for your reference.

powder filling line for sale


Step 1:Operating powder filling machine

automatic powder filling line suppliers

Whether you are using the powder filling machine with a single filling head or double filling head, you can do the same to adjust the machine. It will show you how to change the filling capacity as well. Before you run it under the automatic filling system. It's better to try it under a manual filling system.

The password of touch screen: 888888

based on this video:

Step 2: Operating Labeling machine

How to install the label roller. Please refer to the video:

powder bottle filling machine

No.1: Roll labels go out one by one    

No.2: Bottle separate device to make bottles run one by one

No.3: Label waste paper recycle     

No.4: Adjustable handle to adjust label head easily

No.5: Sensor to detect bottle coming then machine labeling

No.6: Clamp bottle for higher labeling accuracy.

No.7: Touchscreen

No.8: Imported Sensor to detect the label

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