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How To Easy Pack The Sprouts Products

Jun. 29, 2022

        Sprouts products is very popular vegetables in USA,Europe,Australia and Southeast countries. 

        Depend on the sprouts products feature, easily fragile and easy to stick together, we have the special packaging solution for packing it.

        The packing machine we do for the sprouts can automatic feeding the sprouts, auto weighing, filling and sealing.


        To feeding the sprouts, due to it will be feeding to the packing machine after washing, the contact part of the feeding conveyor is SUS304 mesh chain to drain off excess water before packing, and to weighing high accuracy and stable, the feeding conveyor has the separate device to make the sprouts not stick together.  After feeding the sprouts to the packing machine, the electronic scales will start to work, it has the several scales to combine to the target weight, high weighing efficiency and accuracy. The electronic scales has separate feeding plate to make sure weighing stable and high accuracy. The packing machine has the nitrogen filling function and air exhaust function that for the packaging as request.  The machine can meet 1-2tons production capacity for 200g-500g/bag. The whole machine is stainless steel 304 that durable for the wet environment place.


           Many customers worried about how to cleaning the packing machine, the electronic scales need to disassemble to rinse the scales hoppers with water. And the contact products part of the packing machine, it can be disassemble to cleaning too. It is easy and conveniently for the factory to do the daily cleaning.

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