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Liquid Packing Machine Advantages and How to Maintenace

May. 06, 2022

Applications :

        Liquid packaging machines are packaging equipment for packaging liquid products, The liquid packaging machine is suitable for soy sauce, milk, vinegar, juice and other liquids. It adopts 0.07-0.10mm polyethylene film. The whole machine can be automatically Filling the liqiuid ,Measuring the liquid in ml,making the bags ,also can do date printing ,sealing the bag and cutting the bag . The film need be  UV sterilized before packaging. Meet the requirements of food hygiene.


        Liquid packaging machines are widely used, generally in the above places. We all need to do the correct operation and use of liquid packaging machines. The liquid packaging machine is mainly used for packaging soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, edible oil and other materials. Liquid packaging machines can also be called liquid filling machines, which are divided into normal pressure, pressure and vacuum filling machines.

        But for LANDPACK pack Hot Sale Liquid packaging machines are widely used, generally mainly in the above places.Let us learn more about the machines LD320L The characteristics.



        1. LANDPACK 320L Liquid Packing Machine is full be 304 stainless steel and meet the GMP Food requirements .

        2.Imported Panasonic PLC ,Panasonic Invert more stable .

        3.East to Operate VIEWNEN Touch screen display,make reliable.

        4.Stepping motor subdivision technology, high precision.Saving Room Design.

        5.High-sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing, digital sealing position for extra accuracy(extra)

        6.Anti-Leak Design ,Better Sealing Performance ,Fixed Sealing .

        7.Whole System can set for the packing Speed ,Packing Bag Length and some other paramets. 

        The use of mechanized packaging in the liquid packaging machine can not only improve labor productivity, reduce product loss, ensure packaging quality, but also reduce the mutual pollution between the production environment and the loaded materials. 

Methods of lubricating and cleaning liquid packaging machines?

        1. Lubrication of liquid packaging machine

        A: Regularly add oil lubrication to the meshing parts of each gear, the oil injection hole of the bearing with a seat and each moving part, once per shift.

        B: When adding lubricating oil, please be careful not to drip oil on the transmission belt, in order to prevent slippage and loss or premature aging and damage of the belt.

        C: The reducer is strictly forbidden to run without oil. After 300 hours of operation, clean the interior and replace with new oil, and then change the oil every 2500 hours of operation.


        2. Clean Ways of liquid packaging machine

        A: Clean the dust in the electric control box frequently to prevent electrical faults such as short circuit or poor contact.

        B: Clean the body of the heat sealer frequently to ensure that the sealing lines of the finished bag are clear.

        C: For scattered materials, it should be cleaned up in time to keep the parts clean, so as to prolong the service life.

        D: Clean the light-emitting head of the photoelectric switch (electric eye) frequently to ensure its reliable operation.

        E: The metering part should be cleaned in time after shutdown.


        The methods of lubricating and cleaning the liquid packaging machine are mainly described above, and all of us should operate according to the above-mentioned methods.

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