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What Is The 8 Stations Rotary Doypack Machine?

Dec. 30, 2022

You could found there is many different machines model in the market. But you do not know how to choose the right machines to pack your products. Maybe you will confuse about what is the 8 stations rotary doypack machine. There are 8 stations in the machines, what functions do they have? Let us introduce the 8-station rotary doypack machines for you, so you could know the machines' detail from them.

rotary pouch filling machine

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Firstly, the 8 stations of rotary packing machines suit all kinds of premade bags, such as the stand-up pouch, the bag with Zipper, and the 3 sides sealing machine. Each station will finish its job automatically when the machine working. It will pick up the bag, open the zipper, print the date code, fill the material into the bag, clean the bag sealing place, seal the bag, and output.

Rotary Premade Pouch Packing Machine

If the bag is with a zipper, there is a horizontal conveyor to transport the empty bag for the machine automatically, so the machine picks up the bag. The workers just need to put the empty bag on the conveyor. It could take 30 to 50 bags at one time.

Rotary Doypack Machine

The machine arm takes the bag and then go the next station, the date printer will print the product code and date code on the bag directly. The worker could change the date code by hand. It is very easy for the worker to change the code.

rotary pouch filling machine

There is a finger to open the zipper and then use the suckers to open the bag again. The bag opening rate is around 99.9%. If the bag does not open well, the finger will send the signal to the machines “ Don't fill and seal and turn to the next bag”

premade pouch fill and seal machine

After the bag is opened, the machine will fill the target material into the bag automatically, the rotary machine will send the signal to the machine "The bag is coming, please kindly fill the material" The weigher will prepare the material and then fill them into the bag automatically.

Maybe there is some material or powder on the bag sealing place, the turning brushing will clean the bag sealing place to make sure there is nothing to affect the bag sealing. It will let the bag seal well.

automatic premade pouch packing machine

Come to the next station to seal the bag and output the finished products by the conveyor. There is twice-the-time sealing to make sure the bag seals well.

The above machine functions will be finished by each machine station. So the machine will help you pack all kinds of products automatically. Just 1 worker could finish the product produced in a safe environment.

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