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What's The Common Way To Pack Laundry Pods

Nov. 09, 2022

There are three ways to pack laundry PODS.

The first way: use zipper bags or prefabricated bags; 

The second way: you can use square plastic boxes for laundry PODS

The third way: cylindrical plastic boxes for laundry PODS. 

Each packaging method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and enterprises can decide according to their own needs.

In the past years, the emergence of laundry PODS has given every family more choices in laundry.

What are laundry PODS?

Laundry PODS are a kind of bead-like laundry detergent that is wrapped in a transparent PVA water-soluble film and is crystal clear. Put it in water for 15 seconds and start to dissolve, no residue after washing, easy to use. Laundry PODS do not need to be cut and can be directly put into the washing machine drum. One grain can wash a washing machine.

Laundry PODS are specially designed for machine washing. It is simple and convenient to operate, and will not stain your hands. One laundry PODS can wash a bucket of clothes. We can see that there are many laundry bead products on the market, so what are the packaging methods of laundry bead products? The following editor will introduce the packaging methods and styles of laundry PODS on the market in detail.

1. Laundry PODS in pre-made bags or zipper bags

premade pouch packing machine

Generally, what we usually see in supermarkets is bagged laundry PODS. This bagging method can also be called a prefabricated bag or a zipper bag. Generally, there are 20-30 bags in a bag. The bagging method is more convenient to carry, and the packaging cost is relatively high. Also called low, it is easier to damage during transportation.

How do to pack Laundry pods into Pre-made bags?

We do have three kinds of Doypack machines which would be recommended based on the customer's target production.

Here is the common Rotary doypack machine with 8 working stations, Multi heads weigher as a weighing system, It comes with teflon sprayed on the surface. 

No matter whether you wanna pack one type of Laundry pod or mixed laundry pods which have different functions. We can provide the related packing solution for you.

doypack machine

2. Laundry PODS in a square/Round plastic box

laundry pods

Most of the brands on the market use square plastic boxes to pack laundry PODS, usually around 25-35 pieces. Such packaging costs are moderate, and the transportation pressure is strong, which is convenient for long-distance transportation.

How do pack Laundry pods in plastic boxes/Containers?

We do also provide the bottle filling solution. Rotary feeding system to fill laundry pods into plastic boxes/containers.

laundry pods packing machine

doypack filling and sealing machine

laundry pods

Irregular shape caps can not be capped automatically but required caps manually.

3. Cylindrical plastic boxed laundry PODS

laundry pods

For the cylindrical plastic boxed laundry PODS, only individual brands can use them. Generally, 50-120 pieces can be stored in the type barrels. The discount or family packs are used more, the weight is sufficient, the packaging cost is high, and the transportation pressure is strong, which is convenient for long-distance transportation.

Same way as above to fill laundry pods into bottles. 

In a word. No matter whether you pack your Laundry pods into Premade bags or plastic boxes/containers. LANDPACK can provide you with the most suitable packing solution!

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