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What's The Most Popular Popcorn Packaging Solution?

Oct. 14, 2022

Vertical Type Popcorn Packing Machine system package popcorn

As most people's living standards continue to improve, everyone has more time to spend and entertain. And their consumption level also increases rapidly.

There are also higher requirements for snack packaging.

Popcorn, as one of the most delicious leisure snacks, is very popular with a large number of customers.

What kind of popcorn packaging style is in the market?

automatic popcorn packing machine

The back sealing bag // Pillow Bag

The back seal bag is the most common and the most popular packaging bag style on supermarket shelves. Simple, relatively lower cost, is widely welcomed by most customers.

We’ll detail introduce this system later in this article.

Preform Bag: Standing bags and others:

Mainly focus on the middle and relatively high-end consumer groups. The cost of the packaging equipment for these bag styles is higher. And of course, the packaging bag effect is nicer and higher-class, so the retail price can be set higher too.

Check more details on the Popcorn Premade Bag packaging system.


Compared with back-sealing bags and premade bags, Can sealing is its highest class and even more advanced fill system is needed. It’ll be a perfect choice if you are facing high-end customers. The market share is small but the total value is also very high.

Check more details on the Can filling line for Popcorn.

In this article, let's first introduce the most common and most popular Packaging system: Pillow bag/back sealing bag packaging system.

The pillow bag packing system is finished by a Vertical Form Fill Seal machine. It can be matched with different conveying and metering equipment to complete a fully automatic system.

Workflow of the Vertical Filling and Packing machine: 

Install the film roll on the vertical-type packing machine, wearing the film through the bag former and extending it to the sealing structure, so that the pillow bag is formed. After the metering process is finished, the popcorn fills the bag. Then can be sealed and output.

automatic microwave popcorn packing machine

Based on your budgets, there are different metering devices to complete the popcorn measurement process.

The following 3 most popular combination systems you can choose:

A: Automatic popcorn packaging system combination- 1

Feeding equipment: Z-type elevator

Measuring Device: Cup filling, by adjusting the measurement cup volume, can measure different popcorn weights, the advantage of the volumetric cup is most cost-effective, it requires the lowest cost. However, its accuracy will also be relatively poor, and you’ll need to adjust the cup volume to measure the weight. If your bag capacity range is wide, will need manually to replace different measurement cups.

Main Packer: Vertical Packing Machine

Machine Video: 

vertical packing machine for popcorn

B: Automatic popcorn Packaging system combination 2

Feeding equipment: Z-type elevator

Linear Weigher for Weighing: there are usually 2 heads, 4 heads of linear weigher can be an option, each weighing head works separately, and the one who first reaches the target weight will feed first, with linear weigher, you don’t need to manually adjust the cup volume, can set on touch screen directly, more convenient.

Main Packer: Vertical Packing Machine

Machine Video: 

popcorn packaging machine

C: Automatic Popcorn Packaging System Combination 3

Feeding equipment: Z-type elevator

Multi-heads Combination Weigher: Generally 10 heads, 14 heads combination weigher. The working principle is to arrange different combinations of materials from all small buckets. The combination gets most close to the target weight and will fill into bags. This way is also the most accurate, the fastest way of measurement. And the cost is the highest among the three options.

Main Packer: Vertical Packing Machine

Machine Video:

popcorn packaging machine for sale

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