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Fully Automatic Paging Plane Labeling Machine

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1. Applicable label: self-adhesive label, self-adhesive film, PIATS, barcode, etc.

2. Applicable products: the products that need to attach labels or film on the plane or the large radian surface.

3. Application industry: widely used in cosmetics, food, toys, daily chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical and other industries.

4. Application examples: scratch card, garment tag, business card and paper card label, etc.

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Packing Exambers:Fully Automatic Paging Plane Labeling Machine

1.With stable paging, the card sorting rate is much higher than that of the general card sorting mechanism.

2.High paging labeling speed, with the monitoring code for the medicine box, the stable speed can reach more than 100 pieces/min.

3.It is widely used and can be used to label all kinds of CARDS and CARDS.

4.Stable labelling accuracy, using pressure top roller to press the workpiece, conveying steady, no warping, ensure the accuracy of labelling;

5.The mechanical adjustment part structure combination and the smart design of label winding, 6 degrees of freedom of labeling position fine adjustment is convenient, so that the conversion between different products and label winding become simple and time-saving;

6.Intelligent control, automatic electro-optical tracking, with no object and no label, prevent label waste;

7.High stability, panasonic PLC+ dimensional control touch screen + panasonic needle electric eye + lait/titis label electric eye advanced electric control system, supporting 7X24 hours operation of equipment;

8.It has the function of fault prompt, production count, power saving, production number setting prompt and parameter setting protection;

9.Optional function: hot stamping/spraying code, automatic feeding and automatic receiving.

ModelLTB-P150Output Speed5~25m/min
Label Length8~150mmLabeling Speed50~150pcs/min
Label Width6~100mmTransport Speed5~25m/min
Products Length40~280mmWeight180kg
Products Width40~200mmVoltage220V 50Hz
Products Height0.2~2mmPower1.3kw
Roller outer dia.Ø280mmConveyor DirectionFrom left to right
Roller inner dia.Ø76mmMachine Size2200*750*1400mm
Accurancy±1mmLabeling TypeRolling stick

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