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Automatic IVD Reagent Diagnostic Reagent Filling Capping And Labeling Machine

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This machine is mainly applied to various material round bottle, flat bottles. Filling material could be small dose of  liquid, like IVD reagent diagnostic reagent, syrup, essential oil, perfume, Royal jelly, oral liquid, face cream etc

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Packing Exambers:    Automatic IVD Reagent Diagnostic Reagent Filling Capping And Labeling Machine

1. A total of 5 servo controls, two in ceramic pumps, two control caps, and one control dial;

2. Double vibrating discs to realize automatic tube loading and automatic capping, two filling heads and two screw caps, the speed reaches 20-40/min;

3. Since the bottle cannot stand, use a horizontal roll labeling machine;

4. Small size, small footprint, labor-saving, one machine can be controlled by one person;

5. All stainless steel structure;

6.The horizontal roll labeling machine has fast speed and high precision, and can achieve 80/min;

7.If the down tube is not smooth, you can add air blowing assistance depending on the situation;

Filling material
Liquid/ thick liquid/ Reagent/ cream. etc
Filling method
peristaltic pump/ piston pump. etc
Filling nozzle number
1/2/4 etc, according to capacity request
Capacity speed
20-200 bpm
Suitable bottle size
Suitable caps
cap percent of pass
220V 50Hz
power consumption
stand-lone noise
Air consumption
Approx. 800kg

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