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High Precision Gear Pump Bottle Filling Machine For Liquid

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Suitable for packing all kinds of liquid, fluid and liquid material, such as juice, edible oil, sauce, oil, honey, daily necessities, medicine, etc.

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We have an experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packaging machine:High Precision Gear Pump Bottle Filling Machine For Paste

The filling capacity can be adjusted by the touch screen directly.

All machine frame is made of SS304 to ensure a longer lifetime.

The Servo motor controls gear speed, high precision, and stable operation.

The material of the feeding hose is PVC, the temperature range: -10℃ ~ + 90℃.

Novel design, beautiful appearance, friendly interface, strong adaptability, simple operation, accurate filling volume, convenient maintenance, etc.

Filling Nozzles
Product NameHigh Precision Gear Pump Bottle Filling Machine For Liquid
Production Capacity5-10 Bottles/min
Filling Volume50-1000ml(Customizable)

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