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Automatic Liquid Vertical Pouch Form Fill And Seal Machine

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Suitable for sauces, ketchup, egg white, jam, mayonnaise, chili sauce, lotus seed paste, bean paste and other food stuffing as well as drinks of large bulk.

It is also suitable for Non-food oil, detergent, grease, industrial paste, etc.

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We have experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packing Exambers:Application3-new.jpg

Using color touch-screen and digitalized management,VIP5 has automactic stop and alarm advanced function when there is shortage of material or pouches.Thus it is easy to operate and convenient to maintain.

Adpoting Janpanses Panasonic PLC to draw the film, pneumatics to seal pouches, insures accuarte positioning, beautiful seal, so thatit helps to improve the operation stability.

Double-roller to exhaust air by extrusion,which can eliminate the air completely to achieve airless package.

One time completion on bag-making,weighing and adjusting, bagging, sealing, cutting and packing.

Solid and elegant work doors are waterproof and protective.The machine will stop automatically to avoid accident during prodution when workers open the doors to touch the operation part.

VIP5 can be equiped with various conveyors. Moreover, VIP5 still works stably under high temperature,so that it not only improves the production efficency, but also avoids bacteria contamination.

The external frame and structrue are made of stainess steel,which is clean and hygienic, up to the indicator of food hygiene quality.

VIP5 improves production efficiency availably,reduces the cost of labour, thus reduces the production cost.

Compared with manual packing,automatic packing looks more elegant and firmer.

Accessories are produced by large-scale manufacturer with renowned brand, which has more stable performance.

Film WidthMax.420mmMax.520mm
Bag Length80-300mm80-350mm
Bag Width60-200mm100-250mm
Range of Measurement    150-1500ml2000ml
Film Roll DiameterMax.320mmMax.320mm
Packaging Rate10-60bag/min10-60bag/min
Power220V 50/60Hz 2KW220V 50/60Hz 3KW
Machine Size(L*W*H)1217*1015*1343mm1488*1080*1490mm
Machine QualityAbout 650kgAbout 680kg
Optional device1.Date Printing,2.Hole Punching Device,3.Air-filling Device,4.Tear Notch Device

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