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Automatic Canned Wet Dog Food Filler Machine LD-130G

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It is widely used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and chemical industry such as water pipe cans, and it is suitable for sealing round tanks such as PET plastic cans, tinplate cans, aluminum cans, and paper cans.

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Packing Exambers:Automatic Canned Wet Dog Food Filler Machine LD-130G

1.The machine is controlled by PLCsystem and touch screen.

2.The production capacity and automation are very high.So the labor cost can be saved.It is applicable to be part of packaging


3.There are four seaming rollers around the chuck.The seaming rollers will never be rusty and very hard because of the chrome

steel material.

4.Irrotional design is adopted for cans during the seaming and the processing accuracy is high.The seaming quality is superior

other products.

5.The machine is applicable for sealing of various tin cans,aluminum cans,paper cans and all kinds of round cans.It is simple in operation and it is an ideal packing equipment of food,beverage,pharmaceutical and the other industry.

High Speed Can Seaming Machine/ Canning Seamer
Qty of Sealing Head
Sealing Speed
Sealing Height
50-230mm (shall be customized in case of exceeding 200mm)[adjustable]
Can Diameter
Working Voltage
220V 50/60HZ
Electricity Power
3000(L)*900(W)*1800(H)mm(including 2m conveyer belt)

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