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4 Lanes Tea Powder Medical Powder Stick Sachet Packing Machine

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Automatic multilane powder stick packing machine, it is suitable for many kinds of powder products, such as chili powder, seed powder, milk tea powder, pharmaceutical powder, herb powder, dry powder, vibro cinnamon powder, flour, milk powder, 3 in 1 turkish coffee powder, glucose, medical powder, nutrition powder, etc.

Kindly Reminder:
We have an experienced team of R & D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Packing Exambers:    stick powder packing machine

1. High production efficiency, 4 lanes speed can reach 100-150 packets per minute, improve production capacity and save manpower.

2. High degree of automation: filling, feeding, printing batch number, cutting easy to tear, finished bag output is completed in one time, quick and convenient adjustment.

3. Servo motor system control, accurate measurement, accurate film drawing, and film feeding.

4. Vacuum pump feeding is more sanitary.

5. Easy to use, do not need to switch different modes and frequent debugging, all parameters set before the factory, only need to set simple parameters on the screen can be used.

Work Flow:

1. Vacuum feeder is more hygienic in conveying materials.

2. Air shaft roll film device.

3. Date coding.

4. Screw the metering device with an anti-leaking device.

5. Pulling film is under servo motor driven.

6. Pull packing film and sealing.

7. Feed powder into a sachet.

8. Cutting and outputting the finished product.

Production capacity
140-210 bags/min
Diameter of the film roll
Maximum 300mm
Packaging film width
17-30 mm
Outer bag size
The longest 180mm widest 30mm product packaging
Air pressure
Machine noise
Less than 80db(A)decibel
Heating power
3.5 Kw
Total weight of the machine
Machine size

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